Georges Bizet

Historic Stage Opera in four acts

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The opera Carmen is known to theater fans all over the world. This masterpiece was written by Georges Bizet and premiered in Paris in 1875. Since then, Carmen has remained a staple in the repertoires of theaters all over the world, from the largest and most famous ones - to the tiny troupes.

Composer Georges Bizet based his opera Carmen on Prosper Merimee's novel. The premiere took place on March 3 1875 in a local Parisian theater, Opéra-Comique, and was a complete disaster. The audience was not ready for such stark realism in a theatrical performance. But the controversy and discussions surrounding Carmen that followed, all made the opera incredibly popular.

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Music Director - Tugan Sokhiev

Stage Director - Alexei Borodin

Set Designer - Stanislav Benediktov

Costume Designer - Valentina Komolova

Lighting Designer - Damir Ismagilov

Chorus Master - Valery Borisov

Choreographers - Ricardo Castro, Rosario Castro

Director of Stage Movement - Andrei Ryklin

Runnung time: 3 hours 10 minutes. Presented with one interval.

Act I

A bustling square in the city of Seville. Dragoon guards are watching over the crowd. Micaëla comes in search of Don José whose mother is sending him a letter through her. As José is not to be found, Micaëla leaves. José arrives with his company to relieve the guards. Female workers of the tobacco make their way from work through the square. Carmen the gypsy is among them. All the men are fascinated by her, but she refuses to love them back: she is drawn to the indifferent one, Don José. As she leaves, she throws at him a cassia flower. Micaëla returns. She and José reminisce about their native land. When Micaëla goes away, José reads his mother’s letter. He is decided to do as she says and marry Micaëla.

Suddenly the peace is disturbed: Carmen has started a quarrel with her fellow worker. Two fighting women are set apart, and José is to escort Carmen to jail. Carmen promises him her love if he helps her escape. José surrenders to her charm.

Act II

Gypsy girls entertain the soldiers at Lillas Pastia’s. Escamillo the toreador praises his dangerous trade, and is in his turn praised by the enrapt crowd. Escamillo is captivated by Carmen, but she is not interested in him.

The smugglers Dancaïre and Remendado arrive. They tempt Carmen and her friends, Frasquita and Mercédès, to assist them in a fat job. Carmen refuses: she is in love and awaits the soldier who was confined because of her. It is José, and he does not hesistate to keep their appointment once he is free. Carmen is happy to see him and eager to dance for him alone. A bugle call summons José back to the barracks. He intends to go, and Carmen annoyed with his obedience to command.

Suddenly Zuniga, José’s senior, arrives at the inn. He goes after Carmen, but the smugglers interfere. Zuniga is overpowered, and José has to join the smugglers.


Smugglers’ camp. José is jealous of his lover and ashamed of being a deserter. Carmen reads the cards and is foretold death.

The smugglers, including Frasquita and Mercédès, are in for a job, and Carmen decides to join them to help cajole the customs officers.

Escamillo comes to the camp. He wants to see Carmen and declares his love for her. José is ready to kill his rival, but Carmen stops their combat. As he leaves, Escamillo invites everyone to a bullfight.

Micaëla arrives. She was looking for José to inform him of his mother’s mortal ilness. José has to go with her and leave Carmen.

Act IV

A square in front of an arena where a bullfight is about to start. Carmen and Escamillo arrive together, they are happily in love. Frasquita and Mercédès warn Carmen to beware of José, but Carmen is intrepid.

She stays behind the crowd and meets José face to face. José implores Carmen to go with him and love him again, but she is adamant: her heart belongs to another. Desperate and enraged, José kills Carmen.

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Opera Carmen

The play was further staged at Opéra-Comique Theater a few dozen times more, after which it disappeared from public view. A new version of Carmen was presented to the audiences only in 1883 by Ernest Giro. In the Bolshoi Theater, which is the main theater stage in Russia, the opera began to be performed in 1898.

Even back in the early 1880s, the great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky predicted Carmen's great success, the maestro knew that it would become one of the most popular operas in the world.

The opera Carmen owes its popularity not only to the fascinating story about the beautiful Gypsy Carmen, but also to the unforgettable music. It is these intense melodies that characterize the essence of the main heroine, and her passionate feelings.

The premiere of the opera Carmen on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in its updated version was held on July 15, 2015. Conductor Tugan Sokhiev and director Alexei Borodin contributed their ideas to the classical work. For example in this version, Carmen is no longer a fatal beauty, but a kind and gentle girl who wants to find love.

The opera is performed in French to remain as close as possible to the original, but Russian text will be available.


  • Carmen, A Gypsy Girl
  • Don José, Corporal of Dragoons
  • Escamillo, Toreador
  • Micaëla, A Village Maiden
  • Zuniga, Lieutenant of Dragoons
  • Moralès, Corporal of Dragoons
  • Mercédès, Companion of Carmen
  • Frasquita, Companion of Carmen
  • Le Remendado, smuggler
  • Le Dancaïre, smuggler