Swan Lake

Historic Stage Ballet in two acts

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Choreographer - Yuri Grigorovich

Designer - Simon Virsaladze

Music Director - Pavel Sorokin

Lighting Designer - Mikhail Sokolov

Presented with one interval. Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes.
  • 26 October Friday
    Swan Lake
    10+ Children under 10 are not allowed during evening events. from 8700 rub.
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Act l

Scene 1

In an old German castle, the birthday of Prince Siegfried is being celebrated; today he comes of age. He is congratulatedby his mother, the Princess Mother, friends and courtiers. In a majestic ceremony, Siegfried is made a knight. From this day on a sense of duty, valor willbe the guiding principles in his life.

The last toasts are pronounced in his honor, young girls, his contemporaries, try to attract his attention, but Siegfried is overcome by emotions of a different order.He dreams of a pure, ideal love. The festivities draw to an end, the guests depart, leaving the prince alone with his thoughts in the gathering dusk. Night falls.Siegfried is conscious of the presence of a shadow at his side, it is as if some mysterious force is beckoning to him. It is the EvilGenius, or Fate itself, who has come to reveal some perturbing secrets to the Prince. Submitting to the powerful pull of his invisible companion’s presence and fullof anxious foreboding, Siegfried succumbs to the ideal world of his dreams...

Scene 2

Lured by the Evil Genius, Siegfried finds himself on the banks of a mysterious lake. In the shimmering patchesof moonlight on the water, visions of bewitched swan maidens rise up before him. Siegfried catches sight of Odette, the most beautiful of the maidens.He is spell-bound, deeply struck by her beauty. At long last, he has found his romantic ideal of love. He swears to Odette that he will love her foreverand be faithful to her.

Act II

Scene 3

Prospective brides-to-be are arriving at the Princess Mother’s castle. The Prince must chose one of them to be his wife. But Siegfried can thinkof nothing but Odette and his meeting of her. He dances in an offhand way with the well-born maidens. Not one of them can compare to his ideal.

Suddenly, a mysterious knight arrives at the ball accompanied by a ravishingly beautiful young girl and a suite of black swans. It is the Evil Genius andOdile, Odette’s double. Struck by their resemblance, Siegfried hurries towards Odile. The Evil Genius is putting the Prince’s sentiments to the test. Siegfried is enchantedby the perfidious Odile who manages to disarm him of all his doubts. He announces Odile to be his chosen bride. At this very moment, the throne room is plungedin darkness and a vision of the beautiful Odette appears before the assembled company.

Siegfried realizes that he has become a plaything in the hands of Fate. Hoping to atone for his betrayal, he rushes in despair after the receding image of thewhite swan.

Scene 4

Night-time. A deep gloom overhangs the lake. Odette brings the tragic news; the Prince has broken his vow of faithfulness to her.Siegfried’s conscience is deeply troubled; he hurries towards Odette begging for her forgiveness. Odette forgives the youth but she is no longer mistress of her ownfate.

The Evil Genius summons up a storm which disperses, plays havoc with, the heroes of our tale, making it impossible for them to unite. Made weak by his single combat withFate, Siegfried tries in vain to hold on to the vanish image. As dawn breaks, he finds himself alone on the empty banks of the lake of his dreams.

26 October
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    Booklet [26 October 19:00]
  • Odette-Odile:
    Maria Allash Ekaterina Shipulina Svetlana Lunkina Ekaterina Krusanova Svetlana Zakharova Galina Stepanenko Nadezhda Gracheva Olga Smirnova Anna Nikulina Kristina Kretova Maria Alexandrova Elena Andrienko Anna Antonicheva Olga Esina
  • The Princess Mother:
    Maria Isplatovskaya Kristina Karaseva Olga Suvorova Maria Volodina Ekaterina Barukina Natalia Malandina Vera Borisenkova
  • Prince Siegfried:
    Alexander Volchkov Dmitriy Gudanov Artem Ovcharenko Ruslan Skvortsov David Kholberg Semen Chudin Denis Rodkin Nikolay Tsiskaridze Andrey Uvarov Vladimir Neporozhniy Vladimir Shklyarov
  • The Evil Genius:
    Vladislav Lantratov Denis Rodkin Yuriy Baranov Artemiy Belyakov Ruslan Pronin Nikolay Tsiskaridze Artem Schpilevskiy Dmitriy Belogolovtsev
  • The Tutor:
    Vitaliy Biktimorov Alexei Loparevich Andrey Sitnikov Ilya Vorontsov Nikita Elikarov
  • The Fool:
    Vyacheclav Lopatin Denis Medvedev Igor Tsvirko Yan Godovskiy Alexander Smolyaninov Sergey Dorenskiy Dmitriy Zagrebin Morikhiro Ivata Gennadiy Yanin Alexei Matrakhov
  • Friends to the Prince:
    Olga Kishneva Marianna Ruzhkina Anzhelina Vorontsova Chinara Alizade Nina Kaptsova Ekaterina Krusanova Maria Allash Anastasia Yatsenko Anna Tikhomirova Maria Vinogradova Anastasia Stashkevich Olga Smirnova Anna Nikulina Kristina Kretova Anastasia Goryacheva Elena Andrienko Daria Khokhlova Maria Alexandrova Anna Okuneva
  • Master of Ceremonies:
    Vitaliy Biktimorov Alexsander Fadeechev Alexei Loparevich
  • Hungarian Bride:
    Maria Allash Nelli Kobakhidze Olga Marchenkova Yulia Grebenschikova Maria Zharkova Olga Suvorova Irina Semirechenskaya Elena Kazakova Anna Leonova Yanina Parienko Angelina Karpova Ana Turazashvili
  • Russian Bride:
    Svetlana Lunkina Anna Nikulina Maria Vinogradova Olga Kishneva Yulia Lunkina Anna Rebezkaya Maria Semenyachenko Viktoria Yakusheva Olga Suvorova Anzhelina Vorontsova Alesya Gradova
  • Spanish Bride:
    Maria Allash Olga Marchenkova Chinara Alizade Daria Bochkova Anna Leonova Irina Fedotova Natalia Osipova Anastasia Meskova Irina Yatsenko Nuria Nagimova Maria Alexandrova Anna Tikhomirova Angelina Karpova
  • Neapolitan Bride:
    Nina Kaptsova Anastasia Goryacheva Anastasia Stashkevich Maria Vinogradova Anna Tikhomirova Svetlana Pavlova Daria Khokhlova Anastasia Yatsenko Dzhu Yun Be Ksenia Zhiganshina
  • Polish Bride:
    Ekaterina Krusanova Marianna Ruzhkina Ekaterina Shipulina Anna Okuneva Yanina Parienko Maria Semenyachenko Anna Leonova Elizaveta Kruteleva Angelina Karpova Natalia Vuskubenko
  • Three Swans:
    Olga Suvorova Nelli Kobakhidze Olga Smirnova Olga Marchenkova Yulia Grebenschikova Maria Zharkova Irina Fedotova Anzhelina Vorontsova Ekaterina Shipulina Elena Kazakova Anna Nikulina Anna Koblova Natalia Vuskubenko Ana Turazashvili Maria Semenyachenko Angelina Karpova
  • Four Swans:
    Yulia Lunkina Daria Khokhlova Daria Gurevich Anna Proskurnina Chinara Alizade Nina Kaptsova Anastasia Stashkevich Ilona Matsiy-Kirushkina Maria Bogdanovich Maria Prorvich Svetlana Gnedova Anna Voronkova Ksenia Kern Diana Kosureva Olga Lavrenkova Svetlana Pavlova Margarita Shrainer
  • Waltz:
    Natalia Malandina Anzhelina Vorontsova Artem Vachtin Maria Zharkova Georgiy Geraskin Egor Khromushin Michail Kruchkov Alexander Vorobiev Ivan Mikhalev Artemiy Belyakov Yuriy Baranov Karim Abdullin Viktoria Yakusheva Natalia Vuskubenko Irina Semirechenskaya Yulia Efimova Yanina Parienko Anna Okuneva Viktor Klein Nelli Kobakhidze Olga Kishneva Anastasia Soboleva Denis Savin Ana Turazashvili Alesya Gradova Klim Efimov Anna Rebezkaya Anastasia Meskova Maria Vinogradova Denis Rodkin Dmitriy Dorokhov Irina Zibrova Vladislav Lantratov Anna Leonova Victoria Litvinova Ivan Alexeev Dmitriy Efremov Anastasia Shilova
  • Conductor:
    Alexei Bogorad Pavel Sorokin Alexander Kopulov Pavel Klinichev Anton Grishanin