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Yury Grigorovich's 90th Birthday Festival

Based on E. T. A. Hoffmann's story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King this ballet will remind us all that the world is full of miracles, and that we should be kinder to each other. This ballet is one of the most beautiful pieces of art, and is suitable for both adults and children of all ages. Don't miss this Christmas and New Years classic at the Bolshoi Theater.

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Choreographer — Yury Grigorovich

Designer — Simon Virsaladze

Music Director — Gennadi Rozhdestvenskiy

Presented with one interval. Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes.

Act I

Guests are gathering at Stahlbaum's home for the New Year’s holiday. Among the guests is Drosselmeyer - Marie Stahlbaum's and Fritz Stahlbaum's godfather. Drosselmeyer has prepared a special gift for Marie - an amusing Nutcracker.

The children wait, impatiently, for when the Christmas tree will be lit up and the gifts will be distributed. And finally the magical moment arrives: the beautiful Christmas tree is lit up and stands in front of them.

All of a sudden, a magician appears by the children. Unknown to the children, it is actually Drosselmeyer in disguise. The magician is able to breathe life into the toys, and the toys start walking and dancing. The children are delighted by the magician, but at the same time slightly afraid. To subdue their fears, Drosselmeyer takes off his disguise, and the children see that it is their favorite godfather. Marie wants to play with the new toys that just came alive but... they are quickly taken away to the other room. To calm her, Drosselmeyer gifts her The Nutcracker. Marie likes the gawky, amusing Nutcracker. Fritz, Marie's not so well-behaved brother, accidentally breaks the toy. Marie tenderly cares for her broken toy and rocks it back and forth like a baby. Meanwhile, Fritz and his friends put on mouse masks, and begin to tease Marie. Guests return from the other room. After the final and ceremonial Grossvater dance, they all leave.

It's night. The room where the Christmas tree stands is lit up by the moonlight. The room seems magical, full of wonder and mystery. Fighting her fears, Marie enters the room to check up on her "sick" Nutcracker. She hugs him and rocks him to sleep. And all of a sudden, Drosselmeyer appears. But not as the kind godfather, but as the magician. At the wave of his hand everything starts moving and changing - the walls move apart, the tree starts to grow. The toys become alive and grow.

Suddenly, mice and the Mouse King appear from under the floorboards. The toys start to panic. And only the Nutcracker saves the day - he forms a battalion of lead toy soldiers and leads them to battle. Unfortunately, the mice overwhelm the toy soldiers, and the battle is lost. Only the Nutcracker is left to face the mice and the Mouse King. Marie is in despair, her Nutcracker is in danger. But Drosselmeyer hands her a lit candle, and she throws it at the mice. The mice scatter and disappear.

The battlefield is empty, only the Nutcracker lays motionless. Marie, with her toys, runs to help him... And a miracle happens... the Nutcracker transforms into a youthful man - The Nutcracker-Prince. He moves towards her, meanwhile the walls of the house disappear. Marie, her friends, and the Nutcracker Prince are outside, under the stars, by the magical Christmas tree. Snowflakes fall gently, in a dance of their own. The bright star on top of the Christmas tree beckons Marie and the Nutcracker Prince. They climb into a magic boat, and it takes them away to the top towards the star. The dolls follow.

Act II

Marie and the Nutcracker Prince are slowly sailing through the magical kingdom. With them are their friends - the dolls. The bright star is closer and closer, and they can almost touch it... and then...

The sneaky, quiet mice and the Mouse King ambush the boat. The Nutcracker Prince bravely goes into battle, while frightened Marie and the dolls watch the battle. The Nutcracker Prince defeats the mouse army and their King. Everyone starts celebrating. The dolls dance, the candles burn brighter, the Christmas tree comes alive. The mice are defeated! Marie and the Nutcracker Prince are happy - they have reached their dream kingdom!

But it was only a dream... New Year’s Eve is over, and with it all the wonderful celebrations and fantasies. Marie, enthralled by her adventure and dream, sits on her knees by the Christmas tree, the Nutcracker-doll on her lap.

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The Nutcracker Ballet

The world renowned "The Nutcracker" ballet is based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King." The ballet was first presented to the Russian public in 1892, and the premiere was at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg. The libretto was choreographed by Marius Petipa, though several months before the premiere an illness got in the way of Marius finishing and his best assistant, Lev Ivanov, was brought in to finish the piece. The ballet starred Sergei Legat as the Nutcracker Prince and Timofey Stukolkin as Drosselmeyer. Interesting enough, the children's roles were performed by students of the Imperial Ballet School of Saint Petersburg, and not by adults. Unfortunately, the premiere was not a success.

It was only in the early 20th century that after several reworks did this ballet start to become popular. At the beginning of the First World War the plot was russified, and the main heroine was renamed Masha. Her brother, Fritz, kept his name because he was deemed as a negative character. This tradition survives to this day.

The Nutcracker Ballet

The plot is based on two children - Marie and Fritz who anxiously await Christmas (New Year's) presents. One of the last guests to arrive is Drosselmeyer, Marie's and Fritz's godfather. Drosselmeyer is mysterious, and has the ability to make toys come alive. Drosselmeyer gifts Marie The Nutcracker, but Fritz quickly damages the new toy. Night sets in. Marie returns to the Christmas tree to check up on The Nutcracker, when all of a sudden Drosselmeyer appears and makes the whole room come alive. The Nutcracker, the toy soldiers, the mice, and the Mouse King all come alive, and a battle ensues.

The first battle isn't very successful for The Nutcracker and his, but Marie intervenes and the mice run away. They set off on a magical boat ride through the wonderland, but right before they can reach their destination, the Mouse King and his mouse army attacks again. This time The Nutcracker is victorious. Everyone starts celebrating, and then just as suddenly as it began, the dream ended. Marie wakes up, and realized it was only a dream. She holds The Nutcracker toy firmly in her hands.

This version of The Nutcracker has become world famous and loved by people of all ages. Experience this magical ballet by buying official tickets on our website. If you're in Moscow during December or January take part in this timeless tradition. We really hope you enjoy it!

The Nutcracker in other theaters

The Nutcracker ballet premiered at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg in 1892. The Moscow premier took place almost twenty years later - in 1919 at the Bolshoi Theater. Alexander Gorsky choreographed this version. Today, at the Bolshoi Theater The Nutcracker is performed according to Yuri Grigorovich's choreography.

Besides being popular in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, The Nutcracker is also shown in other theaters such as:

  • Novaya Opera Theater
  • Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre
  • RAMT and others

Besides Russia, The Nutcracker is also very popular in other countries. For example, in 1954, The New York City Ballet gave its first performance of The Nutcracker. This version was choreographed by George Balanchine. The show was shown during Christmas, and later spread to the rest of the United States. The original fable and the ballet went on to inspire several movies and animation films.

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